CoppaFeel! Knowing your boobs could save your life. We are on a mission to get Britain coppin' a feel

After being diagnosed at the age of 23, Kristin decided it was time to flip the switch on breast cancer awareness and bring it to the forefront of young people's attention. One in eight women will be diagnosed with the disease at some stage in their life. CoppaFeel! is all about getting the message out that the sooner we get feeling, the sooner we become best chums with our boobies and the sooner we will spot any changes. By supporting us, you are helping to ensure that more young people take this important message on board and thus decrease the number of people losing their lives to this terrible disease

We're looking for a 'Hundred Hooters' to join our team at the Bath Half 2014

If you're keen, get in touch!

See contact Maren Hallenga on 07585504255 or email.