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We know how hard you train and how much effort goes into your fundraising, so we want to do all we can to help your charity receive even more of the money you raise.  That’s why we've teamed up with - official fundraising website of the Bath Half Marathon, to help you raise even more for charity.  You can create a fundraising page and start collecting sponsorship in minutes

Virgin Money Giving doesn't take a penny in profit so they can keep their charges really low.  That means charities will receive an extra £1 for every £30 donation compared to JustGiving.  As they also collect Gift Aid for free, the cause you're supporting could receive £36.46 in total for every £30 you're sponsored *

*Based on donations made by Visa Debit card with Gift Aid reclaimed

Create your fundraising page now

You can create a Virgin Money Giving fundraising page, add your own personal touches and start collecting sponsorship in minutes

The page is then yours for life and can be used for the Bath Half and every other charity event you take part in

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Best of luck with your fundraising !

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Check out Virgin Money Giving's useful fundraising tips

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