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Race Day Tips – from our Bath Half runners - 28 February 2013
Are you doing the Bath Half for the first time? We recently asked our Facebook and Twitter crowd who’ve run the Bath Half before to give us their top tips. 

Race Day information - 21 February 2013
This is a massive post - we’re aiming to answer as many questions as possible and we’ll pick up any others in next week’s race newsletter. That way we hope you will be totally up to speed and ready to really enjoy your race day – which is just over a week away! 

Hydration for Runners - 1 February 2013

We’re often asked questions by our runners, particularly those who are new to running half marathons, about how much they should be drinking on race day, and sometimes we’re asked about hydration in training too...More...

Surviving Christmas - Guest blog post from Martin Yelling - 19 December 2012

With the festivities and frolics of Christmas nearly here it’s about time you had a think about how, when and perhaps if your training for the Bath Half 2013 is going to fit in...More

for your Bath Half fundraising - 28 November 2012

As nearly 12,000 runners crossed the finish line on a gloriously sunny day back in March, they had more than just the completion of 13.1miles to be proud of - our amazing Bath Half runners had raised a staggering £1.5million for charity. More...